Meet The Owners

Lena was born and raised in Chicago. She moved to KC at 25. For most of her life she struggled with her confidence due to her weight. She's always been a plus size female. Like a  lot of us; she'd get motivated, sign up for gym memberships but not actually go on a consistent basis...then eventually not at all. She'd close her account, just to say "I want to get back in the gym, so I could lose weight."


"I would be on social media seeing everybody talk about how much weight they’ve lost or how they’re going to the gym everyday and naturally I’d be like, ok this time I’m really going to go. It would end up being the same cycle of paying for a gym membership, only to not go and eventually cancel it."


Once she turned 30, Lena knew she had to do something different. She realized she had to figure out what would work for her...what her passion really was. It finally hit her when she was out with friends and someone said to her “You’re always dancing, doesn’t matter what song, you always end up dancing.” It never dawned on her  until then just how much she loved dancing. After being inspired she decided she wanted to be a part of a plus size dance group or just an adult dance group, but there were none in her area for adults. That's when it hit her and she thought... "what if I came up with a dancing workout business?" Once she figured out what she wanted to do, Lena realized she needed a partner that not only loved dancing as much as she did, but truly enjoyed working out. Thinking of who she could partner with, she realized La'Dashia would be the perfect person to ask to join her in this MOVEment. Dashia loved to dance AND workout. The two sat down and discussed the idea of starting a dancing/workout business. Lena was inspired to start DRIP MOVEment because she wanted to give women like her another option other than the traditional gym, and encourage women of all shapes and sizes to feel beautiful and sexy in their skin.

La'Dashia Snell was born in in Oklahoma and raised in Texas. She's an active member of the military which brought her to Kansas City, Missouri.

What made me want to dance? "Growing up in the 90s watching Salt and Pepper , Aaliyah , Janet Jackson and others I fell in love with moving my body." What made me want to work out? "Running track in high school and being active I grew a love for fitness and working out...being a black women in a family prone to diabetes and heart disease, I wanted to ensure that myself and those around me are moving in a healthy light. I love motivating people and being in a group setting has always been ideal."

DRIP MOVEment aims to build confidence while promoting a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately it comes down to just moving. It's dancing with side of fitness, so regardless of your size or skill level just move!